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Spider Veins and Broken Blood Vessels Laser

Eliminate skin blemishes effectively and permanently with vascular laser spa treatments.


Although spider veins and small vascular lesions (telangiectasia) are most common among women, they can be experienced by anyone at any age. These vessels may result from many factors including aging, genetics, hormones, and activity level. Most vascular lesions are not harmful, just an unwanted cosmetic blemish.

Vascular lesion removal is a noninvasive medical procedure that uses light energy to remove unwanted veins. During your spa treatment, a laser will emit light energy into the vein, causing it to collapse and safely coagulate it without damaging the surrounding skin. Over time, the vessel will fade and disappear.

Laser treatment works best on small to mid-sized veins. (Vessels that are less than 1 mm wide are ideal.) Patients with large veins (varicose) should consult with a physician before receiving treatment as large veins may need more advanced or surgical options to effectively treat them.

You can experience some discomfort with vascular laser treatments, but most of our clients find it completely tolerable. Many compare the feeling to a hot snap of a rubber band against the skin.


The spa treatment is relatively quick. Most patient see improvement after just one treatment, although two to three treatments are recommended to see an optimal result.

After your laser treatment, you will see a small bruise form at the treatment site. This is completely normal and beneficial. As the bruise heals, the area should appear unblemished and clear, revealing healthy, younger-looking skin. Bruising can be covered with makeup concealer, but many patients, especially if the spider veins are on their legs, will opt to start treatment in the fall/winter when their legs will not be exposed.

Once your spider vein has been removed, it will not return. But, there are measures you can take to prevent future vascular lesions from forming. Your laser clinician will discuss post care of your treatment area and lifestyle recommendations. In general, all patients should stay active and avoid sitting or standing for long periods of time to prevent additional vascular lesions from forming.


  • Laser Treatments $75+ (face only)