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Pigmented Skin (Brown Spots) Laser Removal

Turn back the clock with spa laser treatments for brown spots!

Pigmented Skin (Brown Spots) Before & After Photos


Brown spots or pigmented lesions become increasingly more common as you age, especially on areas that are exposed to the sun such as your face, neck, chest, shoulders, arms, and hands. The sun creates mutations in how our pigment cells replicate, resulting in individual dark spots or sun damage.

Your spa treatment begins with a consultation to determine if you are a good candidate for our laser. The laser works by emitting a wavelength of light that is attracted to pigmented cells. These cells absorb the light while the surrounding healthy skin is left unaffected. The spa laser treatment is only slightly uncomfortable, comparable it to a light snap of a rubber band.

Because the laser is attracted to pigment, we discourage this procedure if you have an active tan or use sunless tanners. Your tan may attract the laser and damage healthy tissue. Laser brown spot removal is a popular fall/winter spa treatment.


Immediately after your spa treatment and for the next few days, the dark spots will get darker and eventually dry, slightly scab over, and flake off. They will either be completely gone or reveal a much lighter version of themselves underneath. It is important you avoid picking, scratching, and peeling the area.

Many clients only need one laser treatment, but two or three laser treatments may be needed for complete clearance.

To prevent complications and the dark pigment returning or new spots emerging, we strongly encourage you to use an SPF 30 on a daily basis. Your clinician will discuss products and technique to keep your skin looking clear, even, and healthy.


  • Laser Treatments $100+