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Nail Fungus Laser Removal

Kill ugly fungus in places where topicals can’t reach, and return your toenails to a healthy state with our laser.

Nail Fungus Laser Before & After Photos


During your nail fungus spa treatment, a laser will repeatedly pulse light energy across each of your toe nails in a grid pattern. This process is painless and feels like a slight warming of the nail. Each pulse delivers strong heat energy down to the nail bed where fungus hides. As a result, the fungal colonies in this area are destroyed on contact by the heat generated.

As your nail grows out over the next three to four months (depending on the rate of your growth) following your spa treatment, the new nail growth will be clear, healthy, and fungus free!

Because the process takes time, we strongly encourage clients to start in the fall/winter before the summer flip-flop season begins.


Unlike some of the strong oral antifungal medications available through your physician, laser nail fungus treatments have absolutely no negative side-effects. In fact, our laser treatments have an overall higher success rate than any oral medication to date!

Most of our clients see results within just two or three treatments, with 95% of patients noting significant clearance after one spa treatment!

Your clinician will discuss strategies and product recommendations to keep your nails clear and to avoid future reinfection.

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  • Nail Fungus Removal $350 (all 10 toes)
  • Nail Fungus Removal Follow-up Free