Emsculpt Body Contouring

Build muscle and sculpt your body without the gym.

Emsculpt Before & After Photos

Emsculpt Before and After Photo Emsculpt Before and After Photo Emsculpt Before and After Photo Emsculpt Before and After Photo Emsculpt Before and After Photo


At Eau Claire Body Care we are happy to offer Emsculpt, a non-invasive way to tone your body and build muscle. Get the results you want with a few short sessions of Emsculpt, instead of sweating away your free time at the gym for moderate results.

Emsculpt can help you with those inches you just seem unable to work off. Emsculpt is a body toning procedure that has been proven to produce amazing results for both men and women. While other body contouring machines focus only on skin and fat, Emsculpt simultaneously builds muscle and sculpts your body.


Your Emsculpt treatment plan will be dependant on your specific goals, and we will take the time to make a plan that works for you. Often, there is a minimum of four 30-minute treatment sessions that are spread out through a few weeks.

Emsculpt will not require any downtime following or for you to take time off for recovery. Some patients have reported that the sessions feel like an intense workout but because this treatment is non-invasive, you will not have recovery time like you would with a surgical procedure.


Positive results are usually reported two to four weeks after the last session. Your results will continue to improve several weeks following your treatments.

If you are looking for a non-invasive way to tone your muscles and sculpt your body, and just aren’t seeing the results you want from the gym, then the Emsculpt may be right for you! Candidates should be 10-15 lbs from their ideal weight and maintain a healthy diet and exercise.


Consultation Required

  • Consultation (In Person) $25
    If an appointment is booked following consultation, the $25 will be used towards cost of treatment. $25 fee is non refundable.


Please call 715-598-1759 to schedule. We do not offer online scheduling for this service.