Face & Body Waxing

Get expertly arched brows or enjoy the soft, sexy, smoothness of the most advanced body waxing in the Eau Claire area!

Waxing Before & After Photos

Waxing Before and After Photo Waxing Before and After Photo Waxing Before and After Photo


Your journey to the perfect brows via waxing begins with a thorough shape consultation with your provider to find your ideal shape and method of removal. Waxing removes the hair from the root with a quick motion to provide lasting, smooth results for weeks.

Hard and soft wax accomplish this by applying the wax over clean skin and quickly pulling the hair from its root. The utmost detail to comfort, sanitation, and modesty is taken with our body waxing procedures. We are the Chippewa Valley leaders in flawless Brazilian waxing and utilize topical numbing and advanced techniques to provide a comfortable and stress-free spa treatment.

Please mention the use of Retin-A, skincare with retinol and use of the drug, Accutane with your provider before your waxing spa treatment.


We recommend that you leave about 10-14 days of outgrowth before your appointment for your best wax outcome. It is also advisable to exfoliate the area that is to be waxed with a gentle scrub or loofah two days before your treatment and arrive at your appointment without any body lotion applied.

Immediately after your treatment it is normal to experience slight redness, swelling, and tenderness. This should subside within 24 hours, but please note how your skin responds after waxing so that you can schedule your future sessions around your social calendar, especially vacations and weddings. Topical hydrocortisone cream may be used to take down inflammation as well.

If receiving an eyebrow design service, your provider will fill and shape your brows with a brow powder after your service. Plus, we carry products to help regrow or stimulate new growth to fill-in gaps and compliment your new shape.

Depending on the area of the body you are removing hair from, the weeks between your waxing session will vary. Three to four weeks between spa treatments is encouraged for most areas, but your provider will guide you in scheduling effectively. We recommend that you do not shave between treatments and stay on a regular schedule to maintain great results.

View before/after care instructions.


Face Waxing

  • Brow Design & Wax $35   Touch-up $20
  • Nose Wax $20   Ear Wax $20
  • Nape of Neck Wax $30
  • Upper & Lower Lip Wax $20
  • Upper Lip & Chin $30
  • Chin Wax $15
  • Full Face $60

Body Waxing

  • Full Legs, Brazilian & Under Arms $200
  • Half Legs, Half Arms & Under Arms $110
  • Full Legs, Half Arms & Bikini Line $170
  • Full Body Wax (Legs, Bikini, Arms, Under Arms, Abs, and Brows) $250
  • Full Back Wax $90   Lower Back Wax $50
  • Full Chest Wax $80   Ab Wax $40
  • Full Legs Wax $100   Half Legs Wax $55
  • Full Arms Wax $50   Half Arms Wax $40
  • Underarms $40
  • Brazilian Wax $80   Playboy Wax $85
  • Bikini Line Wax $55
  • Hands $20   Feet Wax $20